Three ways to get maximum profits of trading into the Thailand market

There are several ways to invest. Some prefer to buy shares of different companies and hope that their price will grow sustainably. Others search for certain projects that have a lot of prospects and buy them at the development stage. Third type is keen on real estate, so they are looking for profitable investments in this sector. Fortunately, Thailand will suit every option, even binary option trading. Let’s take a closer look.

Binary options

Most of you may hear a lot about binary options. It is pretty risky kind of investments for people that are not keen on market predictions. But the high risks are bounded with high profits. For people, who would like to earn almost safely, we would like to recommend Thai domestic market. During the writing of the article, we have used the IQ option app, now disponible into Thailand App Store & Android Market, but also recommended by, it seemed convenient and functional enough to us.

Binary options are kind of trading, where the broker has to predict the way of development of certain sector of market. Binary broker IQ option simplified this procedure, so all you have to do is to buy options and chose one of two possible features. Thailand is great in this case. Country shows sustainable economic growth for about two decades and the reason to stop this trend does not exist. That is why we can describe Thai market as attractive for both investors and binary option traders.

There is only one warning: real estate market is not the best place to trade binary options. Thai government is not so friendly to the foreigners who would like to buy any kind of buildings, except for luxury properties. Newbies should focus on currency trading, it is much easier and safer.



Thai baht is one of the most stable currency of the South-East Asia. Even some issues with political situation did not made it to drop. There is also a huge advantage for potential investors: you may withdraw sum that equal to 5 million dollars annually, but all the money should be targeted on future investments in other countries and the Thailand will play the role of broker.



Thailand is developing, but it feels lack of new and innovative ideas. Foreign investments quicken trading, but most of top-companies are owned by the American or European holdings. It means that local government does not have the full picture of the situations. This factor makes appearance of successful startups very unlikely.

Is Thailand a good option for investments?

Currency trading keep on gaining popularity among successful economists all over the world. Crisis in Euro-zone caused a lot of issues, so now experts recommend to pay attention to the South-East Asia. And there is one huge reason for this – democracy does not work in proper way. Most of countries of the SEA-region are ruled by single party or by dictators, but still they grow economically. This states clearly understand the importance of foreign money and they can give the most acceptable terms for investors. But we would like to take a closer look on the advantages of Thai financial system in particular.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

Most of you may here about the collapse of Thai baht that took place in the 2015. It was caused by new regulations for foreign investors – they get an ability to withdraw their money from the country without any consequences. The experts were sure that such an event will support the capital outflow, but it was a mistake. Shareholders and other people who had invested in Thai currency prefer to save their investments in 70% of cases.

This historical decision had one serious advantage – investors and sponsors could not get the money itself, they may only transfer it to another country as trading investments, not as direct payments. It means that country and government still play important role in the process, they can control the economic flow and benefit from such operations because of the role of broke. It’s smart move, isn’t it?

What’s next?

It was not the first, and, of course, not the last step forward. Thailand is prosperous country and government does not need to worry about the national currency. Two month ago foreign citizens got the special tax terms in case of purchase of real estate. The amount of the deposit in dollars or yen was increased too. But still, Thai baht remains the best option for the financial operations on the domestic market.

The death of the King in 2016 should become another test for the currency. News about his health had dropped Thai baht for about 2%. Central Bank of Thailand underlined that government is ready for currency fluctuations, so investors should not worry about the situation. The word was kept: in five days Thai baht showed 0,5% growth, in 25 days it got 1,2% advantage over the previous course.

We would like to recommend Thailand as the best country for direct currency trading investments in South-East Asia. But before the start you should ensure that you understand all the risks of shareholding.

Thai real estate investments: prospects and disadvantages

In modern world there are not so many real estate markets that are friendly to foreign investments. Thailand is described as developing country, but most of experts are not so sure about this statement. The country has stable economic system, clear tax regulations and advantageous political situation. The status of “developing country” forces the government to give investors a lot of privileges, which could be used for achieving of extremely high profits.

Neighbor countries had already got a lot of investments in real estate, Singapore and Hong Kong continue to urbanize, Philippines has considered itself as one of the strongest states in the region with stable economic growth, but what about Thailand? We made a small research to give you a clear and honest view over the situation.

Growth, growth is everywhere

Thailand is flourishing and hard-working nation. It has shown reliable economic growth for last 20 years. But is this enough to attract your investments in real estate sector? Does this country have something more to offer to its investors? Of course, it has.

  • Resilience is the cornerstone of Thai economy. The area of real estate has been through several critical situations, most of which were cause by unpredictable political issues such as death of the King, who was loved by the nation and played the role of stabilizer in every confrontation. Some not so far-sighted experts predicted the collapse of real estate market, but they were completely wrong. All the disasters made Thailand stronger, and today almost nobody doubts in continuation of reliable growth.
  • Investors should like ultimate ability to bounce back. If we are talking about the South-East Asia, Thailand was the country that was damaged by financial crisis in 2009 the most. In the same time, government managed to bring economic back in several years without any damage to real estate sector or foreign investors at all.
  • Thai real estate is one of the most reliably growing markets in the world. Prices show continued growth year on year, across all sectors of the market: condominiums have posted between five and twelve percent annual price growth every year since 2008, with no sign of slowing down. Even luxury properties, (above ten million baht) a previously sluggish segment of the market, are showing growth (and attracting foreign investment dollars) for the first time since 2013.
  • After two years in which no new Phuket luxury properties became available, 53 new properties went on the market in 2015. And that still pales in comparison to Bangkok, where nearly 1,000 new luxury units are available for purchase. At any investment level, Thai real estate can be relied on to keep up a steady price increase.
  • Infrastructure growth has slowed a bit, but ambitious project called “South Asian Rail” is here to change the situation. It is the transport system that connects several countries and make transit of any kind of product slightly faster. Not SAR is still looking for investors in the sector of real estate. Easiness of transportation means infrastructure growth, that is bounded with a lot of job vacancies. All people that will be involved in project will look for a place to live, so if you will invest now, you are likely to get huge profits in several years.

Is it always sunny in Thailand?

There is no perfect market in whole world and, unfortunately, Thailand is not an exception. The sector of real estate is loosely regulated, which may be described as both pro and con for the investors. The development rate remains high, but you should pay a lot of attention to long-term perspectives.

  • There a lot of restrictions for foreigner that would like to buy real estate in Thailand. Despite the unregulation of this market zone, government aimed on its citizens, so locals got a lot of advantages among the investors.
  • Condos are the most widespread type of the real estate that available for foreigners. They are pretty cheap and profitable, but you should remember about the law which quotes 50% of condos among the country for natives. It means that in some cases you will not be able to buy it as fast as you wanted to.
  • The level of competition in the Thai real estate market is extremely high. The people who invested in this sector 10 or 20 years ago have a great advantage among the newcomers, but still, purchasing of a flat or luxury property is great long-term investment.
  • High activity areas are not forbidden for the foreigners, but your investment here has no prospects because of locals that may offer citizens cheaper rooms because of special tax terms.

As far as you can see, the number of advantages is bigger, but you should discover the target region forehead. According to predictions, Thailand will remain sustainable country for real estate investment for next four decades, so do not miss your chance!